Don’t be sad

Hold onto your heart, despairing one..

You suffered greatly because of betrayal..

You loved someone and they betrayed you..

They deceived you and stole your money..

Everyone around you caused you harm and pain..

And you became alone in your room..

You don’t want to live or to exist..

Your tears flowed down your cheeks..

You hated people and you hated the whole world..

Don’t despair and don’t lose hope, for Allah is merciful to His servants..

And Allah wanted good for you, so He revealed the truth about those around you..

Yes, He removed their masks so you could see, not to be depressed..

Shake off the dust of foolishness and act wisely..

Rise and continue with your life..

Life does not stop for anyone..

Be strong in your faith in Allah..

Trust in the Lord of the worlds, for He will surely prevail for you..

No matter how long it takes or how far the places are..

You will see one day the regret of those who betrayed you as they cry..

For Allah does not accept injustice